What is the Miracle Swimming Movement?  

It's a 36-year old unrelenting crusade to fulfill the dreams of fearful adult learn-to-swim students, backed by the indomitable spirit of a few 100%-committed thought leaders and expert instructors who hold that...   

Learning to swim must be fun, safe, gentle, and easy.  Learning to swim is learning to be peaceful and competent in water over one's head, not necessarily learning strokes. An adult must become a swimmer—competent in deep water—before s/he can become an efficient swimmer: swimming strokes in deep water. More.


Miracle Swimming for Adults, Inc., which was formed in 2010 from a for-profit swim school that had been in operation for 27 years, is closing December 31, 2019. The for-profit will resume January 1, 2020. Prices remain the same. All aspects of the school that were apparent to the public will remain the same except that the domain name and website will change. This site is temporary until those are finished. Thank you for your patience!



COURSE DESCRIPTIONS                                                                                                                         

Introduction  through ACE in Sarasota                                                                

Ultra Beginning                   


Next Step                                

Ocean 101                              

Deep Water Play                 

Jump Off the Boat              

Beginning Snorkeling (option that is on the 2020 schedule)

Ocean 202                               

SCUBA Diving (option*)  

3 Strokes (option*)

Freestyle (option that is on the 2020 schedule)

*Option: a class that's not scheduled until we receive 5 requests from graduates who are eligible and committed to taking it