What is the Miracle Swimming Movement?  

It's a 37-year old unrelenting crusade to fulfill the dreams of adult learn-to-swim students, backed by the indomitable spirit of a few 100%-committed thought leaders and expert instructors who hold that:  

  • Learning to swim must be fun, safe, gentle, and easy.  
  • Learning to swim is learning to be peaceful and competent in water over one's head, not necessarily learning strokes. 
  • An adult must become a swimmer—competent in deep water—before s/he can become an efficient swimmer: doing strokes in deep water. More.
  • An adult who is not peaceful and competent in water over his/her head is (understandably) fearful. 
  • We only work with fearful adults: to us, they are the most fun!
  • Our system is applicable to all fears. The Miracle Swimming Movement now addresses flying and claustrophobia. In Sarasota, we teach Goodbye, Fear of Flying and Goodbye, Claustrophobia. 


Miracle Swimming for Adults, Inc. was formed in 2010 from a for-profit swim school that had been in operation for 27 years. MSA closed December 31, 2019. Miracle Swimming School for Adults, LLC, resumed January 1, 2020. All aspects of the school that were visible to the public remain the same except that the domain name and website changed to MiracleSwimming.com