What is the Miracle Swimming Movement?  

It's a 37-year old unrelenting crusade to fulfill the dreams of adult learn-to-swim students, backed by the indomitable spirit of a few 100%-committed thought leaders and expert instructors who hold that:  

  • Learning to swim must be fun, safe, gentle, and easy.  
  • Learning to swim is learning to be peaceful and competent in water over one's head, not necessarily learning strokes. 
  • An adult must become a swimmer—competent in deep water—before s/he can become an efficient swimmer: doing strokes in deep water. More.
  • An adult who is not peaceful and competent in water over his/her head is (understandably) fearful. 
  • We only work with fearful adults: to us, they are the most fun!
  • Our system is applicable to all fears. The Miracle Swimming Movement now addresses flying and claustrophobia. In Sarasota, we teach Goodbye, Fear of Flying and Goodbye, Claustrophobia.