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Learning looks like this


5 Circles Learning Theory Diagram

Speaker, Author, Trainer

After 36 years of teaching afraid adults to swim, 

"Melon" (Mary Ellen) Dash sits at the cutting edge of  the technology of teaching afraid adults to swim: healing deep-water fear without struggle. Panic is the main cause of drowning for adults. She speaks for a mindfulness tool called The 5 Circles, a new explanation of panic and learning.  You can learn to teach panic prevention. Be successful teaching afraid adults...anything. 

Why The 5 Circles?

The cutting edge of overcoming fear of water has nothing to do with the water and everything to do with mindfulness: gaining the ability to remain in complete control in the presence of deep water. Bring a new approach to  panic and learning to your meeting or event with an inspired presentation of the very definition of mindfulness— and how it turns panic and learning around 180°...every single time.

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