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You Can Fly

You don't have to dread it.  You don't have to avoid it.

There's a Difference Between Managing Fear and Healing It

When  we’re afraid, something happens. In this course, you learn what it  is, how to stop it, and how to prevent it from starting. 


To overcome fear, learn how to prevent panic. Then learn how to be certain you won’t panic. Knowing this is confidence. This confidence allows you to think about how you could be fully present on a plane... and in a bit of time, to fly. 

Have you heard enough science and flight statistics to make you grumble? We will never say, "Don't panic," or those other things nice people say to try to help you. "Convincing you" is not part of this process. Healing fear is a matter of the heart. You can say goodbye to fear of flying. 

Wouldn't It Be Nice to Heal It?

You just need to know the steps. One of them is feeling safe. Another is asking all your questions. Another is satisfying answers.  Another is being in control. We get to the meat: healing fear. The full course is under development. The first two sessions are life-changers. After those sessions, something will have changed. We will then discuss and arrange the steps to follow for you. Each person must go at his/her own pace.

We will soon offer classes to heal other fears. 

Goodbye, Fear of Flying: Next Course TBA, Sarasota

The next course will be taught at Dolphin Aviation, 8191 Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL TBA  featuring full use of the 5 Circles Paradigm.

Goodbye, Fear of Flying: OLLI

We will also teach through Osher Lifelong Learning Institute: Goodbye, Fear of Flying February 6 and 13, 2020. Go here for details. 

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Testimonial and Credentials

"Panic is what struck when I was sitting in the last row, corner window seat of a small plane and there came an announcement that there would be a 40 minute delay in taking off because the co-pilot was still enroute in another plane.  I recall a feeling of energy starting from my toes rushing up my legs, I remember telling the very large man next to me that I needed to get off the plane. 

I do NOT remember.... crawling and stepping over the man next to me and his sick wife, I do NOT remember running toward the front of the plane. I do NOT remember being stopped midway by a flight attendant who sternly told me to walk to the back of the plane. I do NOT recall the flight attendant’s instructions to bend over and lower my head. I do remember she rubbed my back as she called ahead to say a passenger would be WALKING off the plane to wait for the co-pilot arrival. I was instructed to hold her hands which she put behind her back and we slowly walked off the plane. 

The flight staff including the pilot talked with me and told me what had occurred.  I was given a couple of drinks with alcohol. 

Kindly the staff changed my seat to an aisle seat with lots of leg room.  I cried from embarrassment and exhaustion most of the way to Arizona staying put in my seat. From that experience on I flew with the help of a little blue pill which calmed my anxiety.

As a swim instructor of 15 years, occasionally I would teach adults who wanted to learn to swim but were afraid.   Traditional Red Cross swim lessons did not address their needs and I really didn't know what their needs were.  I took to the internet and came across your website (teaching afraid adults to swim).  The website addressed their concerns.  I purchased your book and dvd. 

In order to teach the system, not only did I need to fulfill requirements of online training I needed to fly to Palm Springs for instructor training. Big concern: fly to California.  How could I teach a system of conquering fear of water when I had fear of flying.  

I decided to apply the 5 Circle teachings to my fear. Step by Step I learned to stay in my 1st Circle. I wrote a long emotional letter to the plane and the plane wrote a practical reassuring letter back to me.  I practiced comfort and control as I made my way to the airport. I practiced feeling,  I felt the car seats, felt the air temperature, the weight of my carry-on bag on my shoulder. I  calmly, slowly walked to the gate. While waiting for boarding, I felt my back touch the back of the chair.  I walked on the plane without waiting to be the last person on the plane, I did not stop to talk to the pilot and ask for his flying credentials, I did not inform the flight attendant that I was afraid to fly (all the former rituals). 

I sat down buckled up, remained home.  Spirit and body intact.  I cried tears of relief.

I arrived in Palm Springs never having left my 1st Circle. We arranged to meet at Palm Springs International Airport.  You flew in from Florida. Having seen your photo on the back of your book,  I knew what you looked like.  I greeted you with a big hug which may have been over the top since you never met me.  However, you had given me an immeasurable gift. I needed to express my gratitude.   I am forever grateful for you and your wisdom. The 5 Circles freed me from my fear of flying and from so many strongholds that dominated my life." -Sharon, Chicago


Melon Dash has taught adults who are terrified in water to become confident and free in deep water for 37 years (1983). She is the author of Conquer Your Fear of Water. The system has never once failed. It is about learning, not swimming, and it can be applied to any fear. She has used it, herself. She now teaches fear of flying courses and will offer Goodbye, Claustrophobia and others. 

We are accompanied by a retired Delta pilot who answers airplane and flight questions. 

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