Captivating a group by explaining a mystery is healing

People wonder how to overcome fear, how to ensure learning, how to be happier. 

They know how to manage fear, but that's not satisfying.  They want healing.

When they hear the answer, you can hear a pin drop. 

Speaking about topics Melon explored, resulting in her book, Conquer Your Fear of Water (2006) and her DVD, The Miracle Swimmer, (2000), she explains in stunningly simple terms truths we all know, but don't get around to practicing. 

She has spoken at three World Aquatic Health conferences, the American Swimming Coaches' Association Clinic, the National Recreation and Parks meeting, U.S. Swim School Association national conferences, Rotary and Kiwanis Club luncheons, HOA presentations, and swim schools. She's been a Toastmaster. 


The very definition of mindfulness, still under the radar, sheds light on many problems.

The End of Drowning

The World Health Organization says drowning is a worldwide epidemic. The world shakes its head when ferries sink or kids drown. We can defeat drowning. It's not about kids. 

Make Learning Inevitable

There are four things that guarantee learning for normally-abled people. 

Preventing Injury

There's muscle fatigue and there's injury. How do you know what's going on as you work out? When should you stop? 


Mindfulness Defangs Fear

Speaking to audiences who specifically want to know a proven way to overcome panic


The deepest definition of honesty is staying true to yourself.  Explore the spirituality of honesty. 

The Spirituality of Learning

Learning: Guaranteed

The Secret Sauce of Teaching Afraid Adults to Swim

There's a way to be successful 100% of the time. It's been proven since 1983.

Creating Money Out of the Blue

There's something going on about our approach to money. About our approach to most everything. 

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