Audiences are rapt listening to the universal laws of learning, overcoming fear, and meeting challenges that stymy them.

Swim Instructor Conferences

Wellness Retreats and Meetings

Kiwanis Club, Rotary Meetings

Adult Education Classes

Trade Shows

HOA Events

Senior Centers

Fees negotiable

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Teaching problems that have vexed you for days or decades are simple to resolve when The 5 Circles are applied. 

A student is stuck

Students don't practice

Adults quit classes

Students are scared in the deep

$100/75 minutes



All instructors  want to be trained in Miracle Swimming and The 5 Circles once they see the success they can have.

Get started by reading Conquer Your Fear of Water and seeing our DVD, The Miracle Swimmer

To become one of us, take our instructor training offered through Miracle Swimming for Adults. Next training dates will be released by

 May 1, 2019.