Say Goodbye to Claustrophobia


Safe Elevators, Airplanes, MRI Machines

These are neutral, safe places where many people feel panic. It is not their fault. Something happened that caused this, and the cause can be healed. All the cures people have sought can be replaced with a solution focused on the true problem: when we panic, we “leave.” It’s not only possible, but inevitable that people who are claustrophobic will remain fully present and at peace if they learn the system that unlocks this. "No fear is irrational." 

What Will Fix This?

The system that's taught, the 5 Circles Teaching Method, has been used for 37 years with adults who are afraid in water learning to swim. It cannot fail. A person could fail to use it. 

2 Free Online Sessions to Get You Started

Two Zoom sessions, Mondays, April 27 and May 4, 6:30 -8 p.m.

Register here. Free.

Get started with learning the system. If two sessions do the trick, great. If not, you'll have the choice to register for more sessions to finish for a fee. Full course is 6 weekly sessions (tentatively: each group is different), $29/session. 

Why is it free? Because the instructor is learning how to apply this infallible system to a fear that's new to her. It can be applied to any fear and she is going down the list learning about the big ones first: water, flying, claustrophobia, spiders & snakes.