Freestyle & Turns Course

Who takes Freestyle?


When you are at ease in deep water, you know enough about the water, how it works, and how to be safe to now shift your attention to efficiency.  You're ready to learn strokes. Freestyle is one of five that we teach along with butterfly, breaststroke and two backstrokes. 

What is the course?


Learn all the drills and basic parts of freestyle to put it together in 7 days. 

There is lots of exercise.  You'll learn the stroke in 7 days if you know the water well before you arrive. We recommend taking a freestyle or other stroke course after you've taken 4 or 5 confidence-building courses with us. Ideally you will have completed Deep Water Play. 

See daily video feedback of your progress.

Where and how?


30 hours

7 days/$1575

Moraga, California (Bay Area)