Going at one's own pace

Students are learning mindfulness for a skill--putting their faces in water without inhaling--that minutes ago would have made them panic

As A Baby Learns to Walk

When a baby learns to walk, it doesn't hurry. It doesn't critique itself. It doesn't compare itself to the neighbor baby. It isn't rushed by the parents. It finds its own way, day by day, sometimes doing less than yesterday, but always finding the finished product in a few weeks. Because it's allowed to find its own way, it learns. The butterfly emerging from the cocoon cannot be rushed, or it will perish.

How can the importance of going at one's own pace be different for any other topic? 

As we support this in adult-learn-to-swim, it never, ever fails. 

Pushing Your Students

Instructors often believe that they have to hurry their students along.

They are concerned about students getting their money's worth.

They may be concerned about what the supervisor will think about class progress.

Perhaps he/she feels rushed to finish this class so another one can begin.

Every Learner Is A Natural, Curious Learner

And every learner can learn, organically.